Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shopping Tips: Avoiding Counter Queues

One of the top reasons why people get stuck in the counters or long queues on pile during store hours is that there's no barcode or unrecognized barcode on an item to be purchased. (Click here to find out more about barcodes) This usually happens in big department stores where barcodes are placed on the items and there's a lot of tendency for it to be misplaced, or got peeled out while other customers were scrambling the items. However, there's not much to worry about this in the supermarket for most grocery items have barcodes printed on their packaging.

So to prevent inconvenience in both parties here are some tips:

For Store Managers:
1. Have a regular inspection on all items in the selling area whether they still have barcodes or not
2. Always initiate pre-scanning of barcodes most especially during sale events
3. Use of high-quality stickers for barcodes is a must
4. Place barcodes according to standards
5. Always set-aside items that have no barcodes like those returned by customers
6. Source out new POS programs where Cashiers have access to the store inventory where she can access then clarify all problems relating to barcodes. (Some department stores already have this system.)

For Customers:
I know this is not your job, but a little check on the items' barcode before proceeding to the counter could save you hassles in the counter. 

There's no harm in being educated sometimes!
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