Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bottomline Everybody Should Know About a Department Store

Do you want to know what really is a department store all about?
I'm sure you have lots of questions about it (here is a load of them, it might be the same as yours) and I tell you, it all boils down to ONE ANSWER...

Why is the department store organized and arranged like it is? 
What is the basis for the schedule, opening and closing of the store?
Why do they offer excellent customer service?
Why do they have promotions and sale events?
Why is this brand's area bigger than the other one?
Why is this product located in this rack not on that one?
Why do they have events like fashion shows, demos, celebrity visits, concerts?
Why is their script formulated like this?
Why is there a display in this area?
Why is the posters designed like this? located here?
Why do they have stunning visual display?
Why do they have hundreds of mannequins?
Why is this department located here not there?
Why are the items arranged in this order?
Why do their employees dress like this?
Why is the store designed in this way?
Why do they have to greet all the customers coming in?
Why do lights are designed and positioned here not there?
Why do they clean the store a lot?
Why are the racks arranged in this way?
Why are the stocks displayed in this manner?
Why do they hire more employees today than yesterday?
Why do they have policies like this?

I could go on with this questions forever but they all have one same
bottom line....what??? 

At the end of the day it always settles down to the numbers!!!

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