Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Secret of the Department Stores' Layout

Categorization plays a very important role in a department store. Every section has a reason why it is located in a certain place. The very basic reason for this is accessibility for the customers. But here's the catch, on the side of the store operations, if customers find it convenient and accessible for them it means SALES.

If men buys shoes at the Shoes Department, the nearest department would be Men's Inner were socks are, right? If ladies buy tops and blouses, adjacent to it would of course be jeans! An indirect suggestive selling! This very principle would answer why department stores have a general category per floor.

In most department stores this would be the set-up:

Ground Floor - Men's. Where you can find Men's Apparel, Men's Underwear, Men's Jeans, and Men's Accessories.Why at the ground? Studies show that men don't usually go up the floors to shop. Makes sense right?

Second Floor - Ladies'. Unlike men, even if you put the Ladies' Floor at the 10th floor they would still go there and shop! Here you can find Ladies' Apparel, Jeans, Lingerie, Shoes, and Accessories.

Third Floor - Childrens'. Usually department stores put the Toys Department in the middle of this floor. Where parents have no choice but to pass this alluring department for kids. Together with Toys would be Childrens Wear, Shoes, even Infants, and sometimes School Supplies and Sports.

Fourth Floor - Home. And course the floor for Appliance, House wares, Textiles and Linen, Hardware, Furniture and Home Decorations. Why on top? Mostly customers come here with intentions to buy. So they have no choice but to pass through all other departments where they have little or no intentions to buy. But of course with the captivating visuals of the lower floors, who wouldn't stop and take a peek?

Supermarket - This is usually located in a separate building or on the lower floors. Effectively paired up with food stalls and bakeries that satisfies that churning after a long stroll for the groceries.

So as you can see, right categorizations is the right key for sales.
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